First playlist: A collection of tracks with a focus on memorable themes & motives. Focus on a big orchestral sound, sometimes with choir.

Track “Berserker” is based on E-Guitars/E-Basses.

Track “Five steps apart” has kind of a film noir meets loung music vibe and features the trumpet player Thomas Gansch (Mnozil Brass).

SFriedrich · Cinematic_2021

Second playlist: Underscores – Documentary. Orchestral tracks with colourful evolving arrangements.

SFriedrich · Underscore – Documentary

Third playlist: Underscores – fiction/drama. 4 different tracks.

“Tension Ride” and “Detective K.S.” have a focus on (electronic) rhythms.

“Frozen Sorrow” is a melancholic track featuring strings; “Running out of time” is purely orchestral yet tense.

SFriedrich · Underscores

The 4th playlist contains some medleys with tracks from the last two years. These tracks are already published, so this playlist has the purpose of giving an impression of my stylistic range. The first two medleys contain chillout tracks; the first two orchestral medleys focus on more traditional orchestral music; the last one contains tracks that get used as openers etc.

SFriedrich · Medleys-Library-Music